Murphy Heating

Multi-fuel - SAEY / STOVAX - Blenheim

Suitable for larger rooms, the Blenheim is the most versatile stove produced by Stovax. It is also a magnificent example of the beautiful moulding detail which can be achieved by skilled foundry craftsman.

Either as a centrepiece of attraction in a living room, or as an alternative water heater with a cooking hotplate, the Blenheim is an outstanding example of stove design - and a cast iron investment for many years to come.

Key Facts
  • Maximum Heat Output to Room
    12kW(no boiler)
    4kW(with boiler)
  • Boiler Output
  • Flue Outlet
    18cm top or rear
  • Colour
    Matt Black
  • STOVAX Blenheim
    1.Alternative top or rear flue exit(except for Hotplate Blenheim which has rear exit only).
    2.Special heat resistant glass windows, allowing continuous view of fire.
    3.Upper air inlets, with spacers positioned evenly across the whole front area for maximum secondary airflow.
    4.Lower air inlet - use when burning solid fuel.
    5.Riddler handler - allows grate to be riddled with the door closed, thereby preventing ash and dust from entering the room.
    6.Airtight lower door covering removable ashpan(not illustrated).
    7.Safety heat shields - behind and under stove, to meet existing European regulations(not illustrated).
    8.Doors fold back almost flush with sides of stove when necessary.
    9.Cast plates mounted against inside walls for greater heat output, thermal efficiency and stove life(except on boiler Blenheim).
    10.Log Retainer.